Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hunter: 24 Week Update

This little man is 24 weeks!

  • He is still loving solid foods and we are giving them to him a little more frequently now.
  • Seems to enjoy Little Gym. Up until this point I have taken Hunter alone but tomorrow his Daddy will join us and I am so excited for Hunter to show his Daddy how strong he is.
  • Hunter still LOVES to bounce and when we hold him on our laps he will often jump up and down. My mom even purchased a Jumper for her house so that he can jump there.
  • I'm starting to worry that my milk supply is decreasing. Over the last week we used approximately 5 oz of our reserve milk a day.... I really need to be better about pumping more regularly at work.
  • Hunter is gearing up for his first plane trip next week!
  • Hunter Man wore his first bow tie this week out to dinner at the Army Navy Country Club. He was such a handsome little man.
Here are a few photos with Daddy.

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