Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I just realized the other day that I had completely forgotten to post about my WONDERFUL baby shower!

The theme was elephants... no surprise to anyone who knows me and the colors were orange and blue! 

It was the perfect event hosted by three amazing friends! I'm one lucky chica. 

Enjoy the photos and if you are wondering the source for anything just let me know and I will get the info for you.

The one thing I do know is that the flowers were custom arrangements from Wegmans! They truly did such an amazing job! So turn to them the next time you need something!

Loved the Animal Cookies and Sugar Peanuts that guests could take home with them. I also loved the cute invitation! 

Photo of the little man in my belly! This is now on the bookcase in his room. 

Wishes for Hunter. I especially cherish the wishes that Emma wrote down!

Little Carter booties with an embroidered elephant on them. SOOO cute! These were the first socks that Hunter wore.

Emma and Matt's cousin! Two very beautiful girls 

Yummy yummy cake

Emma helped open all of the gifts

BIG SISTER Emma shirt... and a little bodysuit for Hunter!Thank you HOLLY!
Sadly my mother-in-law was unable to attend in person but she sent this GREAT camo outfit. It was one of our favorites on Hunter! So sad that he has now outgrown the outfit.

Great photo with my WONDERFUL mom and Emma!

Matt's Aunt was so amazing and opened up her beautiful home for my shower!

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  1. You are truly blessed Julie! How special was all that! I never heard about it, but it sure would have been fun to be there! I love all the details, I guess it runs in our family - but, I don't know if it got handed down to anyone except Onica! LOL! But, perhaps! I know you have it though, you're an awesome host and thoughtful person, you deserve having good friends and family. Thanks for sharing all this. With all you do, and work, It's great to have the energy of youth and the Blessing of health!