Friday, March 29, 2013

Recap of the March Checklist... Fail

What a slacker two days without a post! I've been a busy bee however!

Between work, getting ready for the kiddos Easter, Easter brunch at my house for 12, Emma's NINTH birthday next week, and 9 Girls over at our house for a sleep over in the next two weeks... there is just A LOT going on!

On top of ALL of the above.. if that were not enough to have on my pate... I will also start traveling in April with my boss AND Matt's amazing mom will be coming for a visit!


I'm going to be sharing my April check list soon but first needed to close out the month of March... I have to admit that I don't think that I did too well. There were no huge projects this month due to our family ski trip to Colorado... so I'm not coming out of the month with a feeling of accomplishment... even though I did get a few lingering projects done.

Case and point... didn't do too hot...

Here is a breakdown:

Set goals for the Month: Completed I set some goals... maybe didn't follow through as well as I had hoped

Check Monthly Tickler folder: I think that the most helpful part about the folder is that I have pre-purchased some Birthday cards and I place them in the folder with a post-it on who they belong to and I already have the address on the envelope! Makes it so easy to stay on top of birthdays!

Create a Spring Cleaning Checklist: Made a checklist... Cannot say that I've done much to cross things off of it however.

De clutter & Organize Clothes / Make a spring Shopping list: Gap Friends and Family helped me out with this one. I got some great stuff for Emma and Hunter.

Inventory Easter Baskets / Spring Home Decor: So Easter is Sunday and I still have to put up one thing and take my photos... but I'm going to consider this one to be complete... I also had a lot of Easter decorations that were not really my style anymore so those items were donated.

File Taxes: SOOOO not done. I did create a "tax station" to allow for us to keep all tax documents together as they come in through the mail.

Get Ready for Storm Season: Also not something that I have even thought about. I really feel like we need to generally be better prepared... not talking prepper status here... but just a happy medium. One of my main concerns is with the fact that Emma is with her dad two nights a week and say something happened while she was not with me and communication was down... how do we contact each other and were would be a good place to meet up. She is my amazing little girl and I know that my first thought would be to get to her as soon as possible.

Spring clock forward: Yeah if I didn't already do this I would be one late girl!

Wash light fixtures / Cleaning mini zone / Smoke Detectors / Carbon monoxide detector: All things that are on my spring cleaning list that I have not done... Dude, I'm having a hard enough time keeping my kitchen counter clean and dishes done... let alone a deep clean of the house.

Fix Something Broken: I fixed a one handled basket!!!

Colorado Ski Trip:  Went and had a great time! The trip was not without its ups and downs but all and all it was a great time and I look forward to going again next year.

Organize Photos.... Not even going to go there... Yes this item has been on my list since January!

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