Thursday, February 28, 2013

Simplify 101: March Goals

** So today I was planning on sharing my "completed" Master Bedroom... I put  that in quotes because well that space will never fully be done and because I need some more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to finish up Matt's dresser... BUT no master post because I was a slacker yesterday and didn't get a chance to take photos.

Instead today I will share my goals for the Month of March...

Get Your March Checklist Here

The main focus for the month is on Easter preparation and getting ready for SPRING CLEANING!!! How is it possible that spring is already right around the corner?? 

I also like that there are no huge projects this month... which is okay with me because I still need to finish Matt's dresser and we are going to be gone FOR A WEEK!!!

I'm not going to leave you hanging the week that I'm gone... I will have some posts prepared and I plan on having two great guest posts for you! Lot's to loon forward to in the month of March... Here is a preview... Likely to change however as life happens! 

What are you plans for the month of March?? Are you ready for spring?? I'm not!

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