Monday, February 11, 2013

Amazing what you can do in 4 hours!

Now let me tell you a little story... A few weeks ago Matt had a work event which took him out of the house for a few hours in the evening. During this time Hunter and I were home alone (Emma was at her Dad's) and we took a walk out to the mailbox... in the mail I received one of those pesky Pre-approved credit card applications... And I went to Matt's office to shred the mail. This is what I found...

Now I usually only go in here to Skype Matt's family or to hand Matt the baby for a quick second... This was just sooo extreme though... The room (or I should say... His man cave) was at an all time low!!! It was HORRIBLE in here.

I was over this... this was the worst this room has EVER been! I just couldn't take it anymore. Countless times I have asked Matt to clean up his office and he had tried but the truth was that the office was just dysfunctional! 

I decided that since Matt was going to be out for about 4 hours that I could take this on... I wouldn't be able to do a full makeover and I knew that I was only going to use things that we already had on hand because I didn't want to take Hunter out to buy anything.

So with Hunter in his MamaRoo the first thing I did was to clear out the room and to take away Matt's "temporary" sawhorse printer table that was under the window... and by temporary I mean the "table" that was still there after two years.


It was already looking sooo much better! Next I took the bookcase out of the room.... So I cleared it all off... and after I moved it I put it right back in...

Under the window I placed an IKEA desk that we already owned and had downstairs behind our sofa... We had been using it as a sofa table but since we still do not use the basement very often it was a piece that wasn't truly being utilized and I figured I would rather give up my desk/sofa table to add some function to Matt's Office....

I mean just look at the difference! I love a good before and after! And yes I moved that desk all the way upstairs by myself. I'm pretty much super human.

I also organized Matt's bookcase... I kept his awards from the military and I displayed his coins... Matt daily has video teleconferences with co-workers and this is his new MUCH neater backdrop. 

Matt is also a scotch drinker so I added a little place for a few bottles... This is of course for later in the evening after the kids have gone to bed.

I also moved this half bookcase over to the corner of the room. I really think that it draws you eye to this corner and I think that the canvas Martha Stewart bins help to hold various items (Paper, electronics, batteries, and printer Ink) So much more functional! This piece was originally just next to the larger bookcase and just made everything seem so off balance. So much better standing on its own. 

That GREAT pokadot cardboard box from IKEA is home to some of Matt's electronic items... Like extra motherboards (I totally married a nerd!)

So there you have it... that is what I did with four hours. Since it was at night I was able to do a lot after Our little man went to sleep. 

I couldn't wait for Matt to get home so I could reveal the finished project! Matt was SUPER surprised at all I managed to do in such a short amount of time. 

The only thing I didn't tackle was Matt's desk because I felt like that  was such a personal space and I was worried that I would toss something important... Well the next day when Emma saw my little office renovation SHE STARTED CLEANING MATT'S DESK. It was super cute... She is totally my daughter. At one point she told me to come in to see his desk because she had it cleared completely off... She had literally just moved EVERYTHING to my beautiful clean desk under the window... I almost had a heart attack. But she assured me that she only did that to disinfect his desk and she proceeded to put everything back in a way that Matt would still know where to find everything... She made piles! SUPER CUTE

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