Friday, February 1, 2013

Kitchen Organization: THE FINAL PRODUCT

Get ready for kitchen organization overload... Here are some random photos from the organization process that didn't get their own post... The final photos of our SUPER CLEAN kitchen are at the end of this posting so if you are only interested in that feel free to scroll of down..

A few weeks ago Matt organized the spice drawer. He tossed expired spices and put everything in an orderly manner... This works for now but I would like to rethink how we organize our spices... Time to do some pintrest research

Now for our pots and pans cabinet. We raised the pull our drawers in this cabinet too in order to maximize space and create a third surface.

I don't use pot lids too often so those went on the bottom... the rest was added in from there.  

This is what I pulled out of our utensil drawer... yes all of that was in ONE drawer (it is a large drawer but still...)

Probably do not need to keep my Christmas spreaders out all year...

Tossed wooden chopsticks...

Used a Clear hair tie to hold matching chopsticks together... now we will not need to dig in the drawer to find the matching chopstick...

Love that our kitchen has a built in recycling section!

Perfect example of not knowing what I have on hand already... I mean really FOUR jars of Fish Sauce...

Current status of the cabinet above our stove/microwave

New $4.99 utensil holder for our counter top... picked up from Salvation Army!

Our Dishes cabinet... YES we did end up buying the glasses that I have been lusting over! I revealed here that I tend to break dishes and glasses... These were from Sur LaTable though

HERE IS THE BIG REVEAL OF OUR KITCHEN!!! Again I cannot believe that I have never shared this space with you... forgive the fact that I took these photos at night.

Here is our kitchen at time of purchase... Sorry for the bad picture

This is the view from our living room...

View from Dinning Room... Let me just vent that I HATE these bar stools.. Matt loves them. I think that I would like to stain them a darker color down the road.

Going into the kitchen

From the back wall of the kitchen looking toward the dining room...

LOVE our GE Cafe fridge!

Our Sink.... Since moving in we replaced the faucet.. I love this new one! I "accidentally" broke the old one. Also if you look closely you will see that there are a few new hardware options...

From the Sink looking back at the Fridge... and my AWESOME organization station.

I'm so happy to have this space organized and clean... but it is not done. Here are a few things that I hope to tackle in the coming months...
  • Replace all hardware
  • Window treatments
  • Adding a cheap back splash... this is NOT our forever kitchen so I do not want to go all out.  I mean the kitchen looks GREAT for 16 years old but my future kitchen will NOT have pink counters...
  • Stain bar stools
  • Possibly paint walls??? 
Want more kitchen organization projects??? 
 Oh and just in case you were wondering what I had for dinner last night... haha

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