Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simplify 101: February In Review

How is February already over?? It feels just yesterday I was sharing my goals for February!

Here is how I did...
Set goals for the Month: That is what the above checklist was... COMPLETE!

Check Monthly Tickler Folder: Inside I had information regarding doctor appointments that needed to be made, tax documents, cards for special occasions during the month, and a breakdown of School events that I knew were coming up for Emma.

Get Organized for Tax Time: Ehhh it is that time of the year again... I removed documents that had already come in from my Tickler folder and I created a Tax Zone in Matt's Office... Will share more about that next week...

Declutter + Organize Master Bedroom: This was a HUGE undertaking and while I don't think that the room will ever be 100% complete because we will ale=ways be on the look out for new items. I'm really happy with where we currently stand. I'm going to do a HUGE reveal post Thursday but until then here is a refresher of what the room looked like when we started...

As a refresher here are a few posts that I shared earlier in the month pertaining to our Master...
I cannot wait to share the big reveal... here is a teaser taken a few days ago... so things have already progressed from here.

 Organize Linen Closet / Declutter Medicine Cabinet: For the full post on the closet organization please click here

The plastic Container store shoe bins that you see on the bottom of the closet house our medicine. While cleaning out the closet I took the opportunity to also clean out the bins. I tossed expired medications and purchased meds that we were low on.

Schedule Annual Doctors Exams: COMPLETE.. I even managed to get Hunter's 6 month exam and Emma's 9 year appointment at the SAME time! They both see the same amazing doctor. I also took this as an opportunity to make sure that all dental exams were also scheduled.

Outfit Vehicle w/ an emergency Kit & create a vehicle organization system: This was a carry over item from January and I am SOOO happy to finally cross this off my list. My new van is now organized and ready for a roadside emergency. I plan to share the details soon. Just need to take photos.

Record Last Day of School: June 18th!!!

Begin Planning for the Summer: It was time to focus on camps and our family vacation plans. The goals for the summer are to spend some time in Savannah (my hometown) and Traverse City (Matt's Hometown). Summer is also a busy time for our little girl Emma! She does a two week overnight camp in Georgia (the same one I went to as a child) and she is excited about the camp programs from Fairfax Collegiate.

Valentine's Day: Has come and gone but we shared our love... Favorite gift of the year is the one that Emma gave Matt...
Why yes that is a gold pan kit... Matt LOVES watching Gold Rush on the Discovery channel and he has been saying for months that he things there is gold in the stream across from our house... well now he can go look for it...

Photo Organization: Fail... This was a carry over from January and I am sad to say that I didn't get it completed...

Family Cleaning Pan: Another Fail... we clean but just do not have a set cleaning schedule... maybe this is going to be a bust.

Prep for March Ski Trip: I'm so excited that I have a week of leave coming up and I'm greatly looking forward to heading out to Colorado for some skiing! I also have some major anxiety about traveling with all of Hunter's things and our ski things... the logistics will be interesting but I've been doing some research and I think that we are prepared.

Blog goals: a big goal for this month was to really focus on this blog and I think that i have been able to do so successfully. To include this one I will have 27 posts this month! I've also become more involved in link parties to get my numbers up.

Here are some stats:

My 5 most popular posts of the month were:
  1. The "unofficial" Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge 
  2. Bedroom Window Shopping
  3. Painting the IKEA Dresser
  4. Thrift Store: Gold Elephant
  5. Master Bedroom: Before
With the Macklemore post I hit my highest number of views for a post at 820! That is just crazy..

To put it into perspective here are some number regarding my page views:
  • February 2012 (Just last year): 187... total! 
  • January 2013: 1,785
  • February 2013 (to date): 3,461 (almost DOUBLE last month!)
This month I also happly announced a partnership with B-Thrifty were I am now a bi-weekly contributer to their blog Just be Thrifty!

I am so happy with  my progress and plan to keep this up. My cute hubby is even going to help out and build me a more custom site in the coming months!

HERE IS TO A GREAT FEBRUARY... and it isn't over yet because I have big plans for my final two days... 

Wednesday - I'm taking part in the Pinterest Challenge which is being hosted by some majorly talented bloggers! 

Thursday -  The big Master Bedroom reveal! Cannot wait!

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