Friday, February 22, 2013

Hunter: 23 Week update

Look who is 23 weeks old this week!!!! 
(Ignore my CRAZY hair in the above photo)

We have had such a BUSY week!

  • Hunter can sit up by himself! We are still sticking close by because sometimes his balance fails him but he is really getting the hang of it. 
  • Hunter started Little Gym this week. We did our free introductory class and we loved it! It is just nice to be around other little kiddos Hunter's age. I feel like I'm not able to join a real playgroup because of my work schedule so this is a nice alternative. I'm also thinking about Mommy and Me swim classes. 
  • We are inching towards a new clothing size... can you believe that Hunter drinks a full 10 oz bottle in the mornings while I'm at work!
  • Hunter LOVES solid foods! We have had him in his highchair, over the last few weeks, during dinner time so that he gets use to being at the table and eating with us... during this time we have just placed very small "bites" of what we are eating on his plate just so he can touch and small... and guess what???? He eats the food and really likes it. His favorites seem to be broccoli, chicken, pot roast and carrots. He doesn't eat very much at this age but he really seems to like dinner time and eating with our little family. 

Ahhh don't you just love this face!!!

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