Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project Filled Weekend in Review

So sad that my three day weekend has come to a close.... It was so nice to stay at home with my hubby and little ones! We also had a VERY busy and productive weekend!

Here is what we were up to...

Emma had both a Basketball game and Indoor Soccer Game on Saturday. We lost both games but it is so much fun to see her growing and learning new sports skills. We also have some great girls on both teams and they are a huge reason that Emma wants to stay involved in the sports that she does...
Had a lot of quality time in the kitchen with Emma... Made smores, waffles and Emma even helped make the roast that we had for dinner last night. Tonight she is going to be making dinner for the family by herself... she makes some super yummy Chicken tenders and does the breading herself.
Hunter man went to his first Little Gym class and he had a blast!

I started and completed a new toy chest for Hunter out of a old trunk that I purchased from B-Thrifty and I shared today on their blog. Please stop by and take a look... you can also get a sneak peak of Hunter's bedroom.
I did a side project that I also shared on the B-Thrifty Blog... Some Low maintenance Succulents in a Spray painted Gold Shell.

Wait.. do you notice something in the above photo??? Why yes... your so observant that shell is on my dresser and YES it is painted! More on that weekend project tomorrow!!!

On Monday I headed over to B-Thrifty to get my 50% off on and took part in a Focus group with some other local folks and two great bloggers from Too Thrifty Chicks. Head over to their blog and give them some love!

Hint hint on what I was looking for at the thrift store... Can you guess which of these came home with me???

So yes... a VERY BUSY weekend! Cannot wait to share the full details on our master bedroom progress tomorrow!

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