Monday, February 4, 2013

Date Night: Restaurant Eve

On Saturday night my hubby and I went our to celebrate our two year anniversary. We decided that we wouldn't buy each other gifts this year and that in place of that we would treat ourselves to a much needed night away from the kiddos... a night when we could focus on being husband and wife and not mom and dad!

I had heard some wonderful things about Restaurant Eve from a co-worker/friend and I knew instantly that I wanted to give it a try.

I decided that we would go all out and have dinner in the tasting room where we would have an option of a 5, 7, or 9 course tasting menu. The goal of the evening was to just relax, slow down and experience every bit of the food and I would say that that goal was accomplished!

The second we arrived we were taken to a very private table and we were greeted with some yummy canapes which set the tone for the entire evening.

I also loved that we were greeted with the canapes and a cocktail menu....NOT the dinner menu. It was so nice to know right from the start that this would not be a rushed meal!

Once our menu did come it was personalized with the date and "Happy Anniversary Julie and Matt" at the top!

We decided to go with the 7 course "surprise" tasting menu where the chef picks what each of the courses are AND we decided to do the wine pairing!

These were our courses:

Course One:  
Sashimi of Fluke with Kentucky Soy Pearls, Eve's Garden Lemongrass, Pickled Apple and Red Veined Sorrel

Course Two:  
Poached Main Lobster with Celeriac, Hedgehog Mushrooms and Celery-Caper Relish

Course Three:  
Chesapeake Rockfish with "Pork Vindaloo", Red Garlic Chips and Scarlet Turnip Acher

Course Four: 
 Shenandoah Calley Lamb with Black Garlic Caramel, Bacon Relish, Sunchokes and Pine Nuts

Course Five: 
 Crisp Veal Sweetbreads with Turnip Cream, Lucky Sorrel, Charred Cipollinis, Garlic Root and Lemon Aigre-Doux

Course Six:  
"Grayson" with Calvados Pate de Fruit, Candied Walnuts and Caramelized Onion Relish

Course Seven:  
Warm Sourdough Beignet with Mascarpone Sorbet and Meyer Lemon Curd

Just look at the dessert! Again the restaurant recognized that we were there for a special occasion. 

Everything was amazing... even the sweetbreads tasted good and I'm not typically one to eat brains!

At the end of the evening we were given this little gift bag which included ground coffee and scone mix (Again saying Happy Anniversery!) 

These scones were very yummy on Sunday! 

GREAT dinner and I would highly recommend this restaurant! Expensive but worth it! 


  1. Looks lovely! I'm glad you take time to "treat" yourselves. It's important! Looks like a great place, one to savor!

    1. Liz! It was sooo yummy and I loved that the restaurant realizes that folks go there for special occasions and that they really make the entire experience one to remember!