Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Trash Can for Emma's Room

You might remember from my thrift store post that I purchased a great solid wood trashcan for only $3.00

This beauty has some great classic lines… the painting on the side however not my jam…

I can appreciate that some one took the time to hand paint it but it just wasn’t going to work for my house.

The first step was to sand the sides… Emma was super excited to sand and I was happy to have the helper!

After the sanding I applied a coat of BEHR Blackberry Farm paint. I had this paint left over from another project that I took on recently in Emma’s room.
**If you do not have a huge item to print I GREATLY recommend heading to your local home improvement store for the small tester containers. It is an easy and cheap way to get just the right color you were looking for.

After letting the paint dry I did a light sand and applied a second coat of paint. Next I let the trash can dry overnight.

The next day I pulled out my trusty Silouette Camo machine to assist in making Emma’s monogram into a stencil. If you do not have a Silouette machine you can easily print a monogram on plain paper and cut out the letters.

Once the vinyl was cut I removed the letters.. leaving the backing

I really need to get the little tool that makes it easier to lift up  the decals.

Applied transfer paper

Placed the stencil on the trashcan and applied pressure to make sure that it would stick after I pulled the transfer paper off…

Next I whipped out some gold paint that I had on hand and applied the paint to the stencil.

Pulling the stencil off while the paint was still wet!

I am so happy with the results and Emma loves it too!

** Trash can was purchased from B-Thrifty in Woodbridge, Virginia 

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