Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simplify 101: Linen Closet

One of the main projects on my February Organizing 101 list was to organize our linen closet.  

When we first moved in I had neatly labeled all of the shelves but over time it has turned into a jumbled mess.

Part of that is because I CANNOT fold a fitted sheet to save my life... I've even watched YouTube tutorials from Martha Stewart.. FAIL. Obviously I cannot even follow a video.

Here are the before photos:

Step one was to remove everything and edit... 

For example we do not need to keep king sheets in here because we no longer have a king size bed... Also all queen flat sheets were placed in a bin for storage because we don't use them... don't judge it is a personal decision. 

Throws, light blankets and my travel snuggie were all placed in the basket at the top of the closet.

I also added shelf dividers to better organize the other areas...

Towels are doubled up and wash clothes / hand towels are folded to the side

Duvet covers and  Pillow cases

Sheets for the master and Emma's room are one the next shelf  along with toilet paper and an extra blanket for Emma's bed.

on the bottom you will find out "Medicine Cabinet"... I have bins for: 
  • Fever/Pain Medication
  • Cold/Cough
  • Dental Care
  • Allergy/sinus
  • Misc.

Here is a before and after as a reminder!

Much improved and I'm going to put a big check mark on my February list

However, I still have a few items on my wish list down the road...
  • Something on the back of the door... Maybe a bedtime checklist for Emma and Hunter
  • Would like to paint the background wall a fun bright color
  • Fun shelf liners 

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  1. Love it! Just in time - I'm prepping my house to sell and I'm tackling the closets this weekend. Great inspiration.

    Jen @ Noting Grace

    1. Thanks for stopping by and good luck selling your home!

  2. Looks great! =) I love the "medicine cabinet" at the bottom!

    In response to your comment on "Washi Fun {Binder Clips}"... You just made me smile! =) Glad it inspired you! Of course you can share the link and project on your blog! Thank you for asking!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. folding fitted sheets is easy . . . tuck all four corners into one and straighten the edges (your sheet is now 1/4 it's size) - lay flat on a bed and fold down the (fitted) sides so you have somewhat of a square - now fold into the size you need for storage. I put the flat sheet and pillow cases in the middle before I finish so everything is together, when you grab a sheet you grab the set. Just looked back at your photos and it looks like you've got it but just in case . . .