Saturday, February 2, 2013

Giving Thanks!

One of the goals from January was to write Thank You Notes for gifts that we received for Christmas and I am happy to report that we completed this task... but not without some pain...

Getting Emma to write her think you notes is like pulling teeth! To make the process a bit easier to handle I decided to break down the task... While I was cooking dinner Emma had to write one thank you note a night. Of course for a very spoiled child this took the entire month of January... but we are done!

I should come as no surprise that our little man cannot write! However, I felt that it was important to have him take part in the thank you notes. So this brave mommy pulled out the paint and with help from daddy we had Hunter "sign" each note with a hand print! A majority were super messy but worked... it is difficult to get a 4 month old to lay his hand flat!

I love some stationary! I probably have about 30 different thank you note options in rotation at any given time... I cannot go into a store without buying at least one option... This is why I try to stay OUT of Target... I come home with 5 new packs of Thank You Notes... I also purchase notes from Homegoods all the time... You can usually find great Vera Wang Stationary for a fraction of the price.

Here are a few options that I'm currently lusting over.

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