Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hunter: 21 Weeks Old

Hunter Man is 21 weeks old!!!

Here are a few things that happened this week:
  • Hunter had his first little fever… 100.3 was his little booty temp...He is doing a million times better now!
  • Hunter has now slept through the night three nights in a row! Sleeping from 9 p.m. to 9 or 10 a.m. in the mornings! I’m so happy that he is sleeping so long but it also makes me just a little sad because I no longer have the early morning feeding before I head off to work. It means more sleep but a little less little man time. But I know that growing boy needs his sleep.
  • Hunter has started to suck his thumb. In past weeks he has often put a few fingers into his mouth… or in some cases his whole hand… Now though after nap time he is often times greeting us with a big old smile and a thumb in his mouth! 
  • Little guy loves to chew on my awesome teething jewelry! Thank you Mrs. Carter!!!!
Here are some extra pictures

Yummy yummy...

Some Daddy and Hunter time!
Thumb Sucking... Looks like little man is sleepy
Hunter loves his big sister! She was out of town for the weekend and he was SOOO happy to see her! 

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