Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Master Bedroom: Before

One of my main organizing goals for February is my Master Bedroom and I'm here to show you the dirty details of what our Master looks like....

Whomp whomp whomp... plain and boring! There is just no personality. The truth is that we are always so focused on our communal areas and our kids rooms that we just have never really focused on our own room.

This is what the room looked like when we purchased the home... Sorry for the bad photo.

Literally we have only done a hand full of things in here in the 2+ years that we have been here:
  • Had the wall painted before even moving in...
  • Moved our furniture in
  • mounted a TV
That shows you what our priorities are :-) We usually cuddle up together on Saturday nights, as a family, for movie night in bed.... so TV was a must have

Here are some UGLY details of the room in the current state:

I tend to PILE crap beside my dresser. I would like for this space to be a little more functional... I need to use the storage that we have behind out bed... or figure out a more visually pleasing way to pile my crap in the corner... perhaps a basket with a lid???

This is what the space looks like behind our bed... we have a bed from IKEA and the console table that has pull out storage on the sides... I love the surface behind the head of the bed but I hate that it tends to become a dumping ground for random stuff... Also, do not let those flowers deceive you... they are from our anniversary and usually not there.

I mean 5 drink containers for only two people, Big pile of magazines, UGLY lights from IKEA that we NEVER use because they give such little light, oh and do not even get me started on the two flower prints that we have just leaning against the wall... We had those before we moved in... and guess when I asked first asked my hubby to hang them??? Bonus points if you guessed that I asked him when we moved in! It's a good thing he is such a cutie! I just want this space to be more functional!

From the bed this is what you see...

Sophie's crate fits perfectly into this corner and is typically left open and she will go in there on her own to rest throughout the day and at night. The only thing is that becomes an easy place to pile random stuff.

Oh the birch Malm dressers from IKEA... how I hate you... I've heard tons of stories about how they break apart for people and are complete junk... we have not been so lucky... These babies have lasted EIGHT years!!!! Matt had them before we even dated! They are in perfect shape and I just cannot justify spending money on new furniture when these are going strong... but I'm thinking that I can justify a low cost face lift??? I hope Matt does not read this blog because this is likely a project he would veto :-)

View of the room from the far corner...
I purchased this great birch mirror from homegoods about a year ago... It was only $129.00!! I LOVE IT because it has the vibe that I wish our entire bedroom had. We need a better solution however because it is currently just propped up against the wall and that will NOT work with a baby on the move!

See that bin... That has Matt's summer shorts in it and has just been chillin in front of our closet for months... Any time Matt needs to get into the closet he just moves it to the side. (Only Matt's clothes are in the closet in our Master because I get ready for work too early in the morning so I get dressed somewhere else so I do not wake up Matt...)

Bed from far side of the room... Can you spot a HUGE issue?

YES!!! that pile of shoes on Matt's side of the bed! We need some proper storage STAT!

And what about this eye sore... Yes that is an outlet without a cover... and an ugly cream outlet! Oh the horror.

So now you have seen the ugly truth about our Master Bedroom... Here is what I am going to take on over the month...
  • Shoe Storage for Matt
  • Clean out Under the bed
  • New (larger) rug down
  • Face lift for MALM dressers
  • Window Treatments
  • Artwork on wall
  • Cleaning off tops of dressers & getting the spaces organized
  • Clean out dressers and purge clothes that we no longer wear
  • Install new white outlets
  • New light fixtures on back of bed
  • Possible new ceiling light fixture 
That is a big list... wish us luck!


  1. Looks like a fun project! I think organizing is a never ending project. Shoes are always an issue. It will be fun to see what you come up with. Love the mirror- what a buy that was! Your bedroom outfit would make a good guest room outfit or hand me down to a deserving person!

    1. Thanks Liz! We are already on our way! Cannot wait to share the projects as we complete them! I'm thinking that I might try Chalk Paint on the IKEA dressers... I hear that it can paint on ANYTHING...