Sunday, February 17, 2013

22 Week Update!!!

Little Man turned 22 weeks on Wednesday... Isn't he such a cutie? Such a future heart breaker!!!

  • Hunter is really starting to get the concept of food and eating. His favorite things are whole wheat crackers and of course bananas. Right now all he really needs is breast milk so at dinner we just put down a little bit of what we are eating just so that he can get familiar with the smells and textures... sometimes he will eat a little... but the majority of the time he just sucks on his fingers and plays with his food... 
  • So... last week I shared that Hunter was really doing well  in the sleeping department... not so much anymore. Perhaps he is going through a growth spurt or something but he woke up to eat THREE times last night!!! This equals a sleepy mommy! 
  • Still Loves his bath time and has started to like a few bath toys! 
  • Hunter is loving his Daddy and not only favoring his mommy... He now laughs when Daddy gives him tickles and he is smiling at him a lot more. 
  • Hunter man HATES loud noises! Coughs or other loud noises really scare him and he instantly gets this super sad pout face and lets out a huge cry... no good. 
  • Hunter turned 5 months this last week.

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