Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hunter's Pre-school Style

A few weeks ago I shared that Hunter man started Pre-School!

He has adapted EXTREMELY well. When my mom takes him to the church based Pre-school Hunter runs right into his classroom and knows that before he plays he needs to put his lunch box in the appropriate bin and hang his bag on a hook on the wall.

each day they....

9:00-9:20: Arrival and Centers (playtime)
9:20-9:40: Circle Time (talking about the day and weather)
9:40-10:00: Snack
10:00-10:20: Bathroom time/diapers
10:20-10:40: Playground
10:40-11:15: Art
11:15-11:45: Rhythms/music
11:45-12:05: Playroom
12:05-12:35: Lunch
12:35-1:00: Story time

For Art we have about two items come home each week which isn't too bad. My plan is to hang it up for that one week.. maybe like this and I would switch out items as new ones come in...

I am also taking photos of each item that he brings home for inclusion in a little school year book that I want to make for him. We will of course save a few items but realistically we can only keep so much!

Side note... Hunter does NOT like to get his hands messy and was not a fan of the finger painting...


I make lunch for Hunter daily and it is a bit of a chore because homeboy hates sandwiches... Loves bread, peanut butter, ham, and cheese and all items that I would use to make a sandwich... but the second said items go between some bread it is a whole different ballgame. For the first few days I packed a sandwich thinking that he would catch on but no such luck...

Typically I pack:
- Water
- Applesauce
- clementine
- grapes or some type of berry
- Ritz crackers
- cheese (cut up into squares)
- 4 Mini alphabet letters from Trader Joes

I know it seems like a lot but it is truly just small quantities of each to make sure that he has a balanced lunch.

I pack his lunch into the cute little green wildkin lunch box from Amazon... I added some vinyl to the front

Inside I have a small container that I bought at Homegoods with little silicone cupcake holders to hold each item...


This is a hard one for me as I'm not the one to get Hunter ready for school in the morning because I'm already at work. Matt takes on all of the morning duties which is amazing and he does such a great job with it! To make his job easier in the mornings I've started organizing all of Hunter's outfits for the week on Sunday afternoons and hanging them together in his closet. All Matt has to do it grab the outfit for the day and there is no guess work or trying to put together outfits on hectic mornings.

I used the wooden door hangers which were $1 each from the craft store and I used vinyl to personalize them!

I love the results!

and I like knowing that the little man is going to school in style!


One of my goals for the month of August was to make a backpack for Hunter... and while I didn't make one from scratch I did "modify" a backpack for him...

I started out with this small toddler pack that I found at Marshalls for only $12.99

Not really what I was looking for but I knew that I could make it work. First I removed the Converse patch from the front...

I used my silhouette Cameo to cut some left over fabric from Hunter's bedroom... It was my first time doing this and while the cutting of the fabric was easy I had some issues with the iron fabric adhesive... ANYWAY here is the end result!

Love the result and I'm sad that Hunter cannot use it for pre-school but I'm sure that we will use it for other things!

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