Friday, September 26, 2014

Hunter's Favorite Things

I guess My Hunter Week really turned into two weeks due to my lack of posting! SORRY!

Here are a few of Hunter's favorite things at two!

This damn Thomas the Train Whistle! He LOVES it!

This boy carries this lunch box around all the time! Even at home when he is hungry he will bring me his lunch box and ask to eat!

OBSESSED with riding this CAT truck around the house. Ours does not have the Excavator on the back because it was found at a thrift store for only $7 but believe me it still makes noise and that is really all Hunter cares about.

He loves building new animals with the Funny Animal Mega Bloks Set. He also loves dumping out the bag!

If we were to get some fast food Hunter likes FIVE GUYS! He will down a Bacon Little Cheeseburger!

We take waffles very seriously in our house and they continue to be a favorite for Hunter! We have this GREAT Waring Pro machine

Hunter is also obsessed with Green Juice. Typically the only juice he gets are fresh smoothies that my mom makes him or this juice.

And how could I leave out ELMO! We sleep with our Big Hugs Elmo every night and he even got to meet Elmo the other day at my work! (More photos coming soon... they need to crop out the "handlers" from the official photos)

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