Friday, September 5, 2014

September Goals

How is September already here!!!

Here are my goals for the month...
  1. Run a 5 Miles Race... I'm signed up for a race on 14 September
  2. Maximize Family Fun Time... with three kids now I seem to always find myself being pulled in a million directions. I really want to make a point of doing one family activity per weekend. Time is just flying by and I really want to make the most of it with my kiddos because that is what is really important... A clean house is nice and all but not what my children are going to remember about their childhood.
  3. Start Christmas Shopping/DIY... I cannot believe that I'm saying this but I need to get on the ball with this. I plan to do a lot of DIY projects so stay tuned!
  4. Finish reading nook in playroom... So last month I painted some awesome wooden words for the wall where I want to create the reading nook and I was SOOO excited about them and I didn't even have the patience to wait for Matt to hang them properly so I threw them right up on the wall with Command strips... ANNNNNDDDD they fell off the wall and broke... GRRRR So now I'm ordering some vinyl to make the words... Stay tuned
  5. Be a PTA Superstar... haha Sooo I kind of made a mistake and signed up to head THREE PTA activities. Just kidding it is not a mistake at all! I just failed the realize that all three of the activities have a majority of the work in this first month of school!!!! I have sell advertising and compile the school directory, Design and sell spirit wear, and contract out after-school activities/ get kiddos to sign-up for said activities... A lot to do but I have all of the balls in the air right now and I'm 100% confident that I can rock all or these!  P.S - If you would like to advertise in our directory let me know!
  6. Become a LEGO master... Sooo to add to the crazy Matt has decided to that he would like to coach a First Lego League. This is total robotics world that I have no idea about but Emma is totally into it. I think that it is SUPER sweet that Matt wants to do this but it means that I need to figure out the logistics and assist in forming a team. Matt's company will sponsor the club-- Paying for their fees into the official league and a few of the "Legos"  I mean these things are hard-core
  7. Trip to Savannah... I will be heading down to Savannah mid-month with my mom and the two boys (Emma will be at her Dad's that weekend and Matt will be camping with the guys). This visit I plan to paint Claire's bedroom and post some items on eBay for Anne.
  8. Throw an awesome Construction Birthday Party... This is happening!
Can anyone thinks of anything else to throw my way???

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