Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Re-Cap & July Goals - 2015

I think that with all the traveling I've been doing lately I need to re-evaluate my monthly goals... I'm just finding it hard to check all those boxes on my to-do list AND spend quality time with the family... and my family will win every time. So there are always going to be items that aren't crossed off.... and I'm okay with that!

As a reminder these were my goals for the month of June...
 and here is how I did:
  • Managed to make a super cute personalized clock for Matt for Father's Day. I plan to share a full blog post on it next week. but here is a preview
  •  Failed on the blogging 15 times... so close though at 14 posts in the month of June... I totally could have squeezed in a post over the last two days but I was "busy" having fun on vacation and spending time with family... Plus the kids have NOT been napping... Well until today... hence why you even get a post today! 
  • Didn't start another full cycle in 21 day fix but I have continued to workout 3-4 times a week. I do plan to start back up for a full 21 DAYS on July 6th. 
  • Nothing done in the boy's room for the month... and I'm okay with that 
  • Emma didn't do her craft of the month
  • I did get all of Emma's camp documents done and she is looking forward to going back to Camp Winshape in a few weeks. I'm bummed that I will not be able to take her OR pick her up from camp this year due to my travel schedule. But feel blessed that we have great family and friends that are willing to help get her to/from GA... 
  • I updated all of my automatic credit card direct payments... having someone steal your card info SUCKS!!! 
  • Family Vacation to Michigan... In progress! 

    Here is my list for July... most of these are Nice to dos... and factoring in that I will be gone for about 15 days out of the month I will need to stay flexible when it comes to this list

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