Monday, July 13, 2015

Week ahead

I'm going to be home for an ENTIRE week and I'm ready to get some thing done on my LONG to-do list. A few weeks ago I shared my goals for the month and well to be honest I've already given up on about half of these... to look short term though here are my goals for the week! my hope is that if I write them here I will stay accountable!

  • I will leave work on time and I will NOT work late! My parents are in Scotland for the next two weeks so having a babysitter means that I will have to hold tight to my work schedule! This also means that I will have more time with the kiddos so that is SUPER exciting.
  • I need to get my creative on... I plan to make some unique "place cards" for an event AND  a fun care package for Emma's whole Cabin at camp... thinking of doing personalized water bottles for each of the girls... kind of like this but of course more camp oriented and with treats inside
  • Work out EVERY DAY: I'm getting back on the daily 21 Day fix workouts and adding in 4 runs per week... This week I'm aiming for three miles each time. I have signed up for the Army 10 Miler so I'm going to slowly start to build to longer runs.
  • Clean out my "OFFICE"  At the moment the room is a MAJOR dumping ground. and I just want to clear the floor space so that I can
  • Updating our Gallery Wall... This has been on the to-do list for OVER a freaking year. The photos currently displayed are from our wedding, my maternity session with Hunter, and his newborn photos... NONE with Gibson in them. Time to make this wall reflect our CURRENT family structure. A few throwbacks will remain but it needs a good update.
  • BLOG EVERY DAY this week...
    • Tuesday: Living room update
    • Wednesday: DIY Father's Day Clock
    • Thursday: Thrifted Thursday: Frames and gallery Wall update
    • Friday: Friday Favorite Things: Things I own and LOVE!

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