Friday, July 3, 2015

Favorite Things Friday: Sutton's Bay & MI Wines

So yesterday was just about the best day EVER... It started with a trip to Sutton's Bay, Michigan which is just a 15 minute drive from downtown Traverse.

The little town is so beautiful and I love walking up and down the main street and getting pizza at my favorite spot, the Roman Wheel.

We also took a little walk down to the water, while we were waiting on our pizza, and Hunter was in heaven!

After that we put the boys down for a nap at Matt's Dad's house and we went to a few of the wineries on Old Mission Peninsula. Love 2 Lads... I mean just look at this view!

and Bower's Harbor is hands down our favorite winery...

at our wedding we only had Michigan Wines, as a nod to Matt's home state, and a majority came from there. To include their award winning 2896 wine that is only made in small batches. For our wedding we had the 2008 and it was our favorite wine... about two years ago they sold their last batch of the 2008... but we did see that they still had this ONE 3L bottle...

We decided to splurge and get it! We are going to save it for our 10 year anniversary! Don't worry we do not plan to drink 4 whole bottles on our own! We will celebrate with friends!

What a great day!!!

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