Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emma's Plans

I am SOOO excited to be planning Emma's new room. She is very opinionated about what she wants in her new room and has in fact been planning for this for months!

She would like a LOFT bed with a desk and bookcase under it... here is what our look board is currently looking like for Emma's room... (Yes, I do have a look board for EVERY room in the new house... I'm a planner)

Emma found the PB Teen loft bed in a magazine and fell in LOVE with it... I however was not in love with the $1799 price tag when it comes to a bed for my 6 year old! Especially when she does not even need a new bed. I found the plans for the same exact bed on a WONDERFUL website Knock-Off Wood. This website is amazing! They already have all of the measurements figured out and give you step by step instructions!

This is going to be one of the first big projects that Matt and I will be completing in the new house!

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