Thursday, November 4, 2010

How we met...

Matt and I met at the Vice President's 2006 Holiday Parties.

I was acting as the Volunteer Coordinator at that time and as much as Matt does not like to admit it… he was a volunteer. That year we were short on military volunteers and so we put out the word to the Pentagon that we needed help. One of Matt's co-workers convinced him to help with all three of the parties. Despite the odds of us not having the most favorable first impressions of each other (I thought that he was conceded and he thought I was bossy... maybe true statements) we ended up talking about my need for employment post graduation.

After the events Matt offered to circulate my resume around The Pentagon we started e-mailing. I learned that Matt was extremely handy and that he lived close to me in Annandale. Matt had just completed a huge remodel on his kitchen and I decided that I wanted to get him some kitchen items as a thank you for all of his help circulating my resume around The Pentagon. When I mentioned that I had something that I was going to send into the Pentagon for him he suggested that I drop it by his house to see his handiwork. Loving all things home improvement I couldn't resist…

When I arrived Matt had an AMAZING meal prepared and casually invited me to stay for dinner... Smooth move! That was the day he won me over! While having a great meal with his roommates I was able to learn a lot more about Matt and the fact that he went above and beyond to do something to get to know me was amazing… Now almost four years later here we are!

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