Saturday, January 21, 2017

The stroller that saved me this week!

I think that the goals of posting and cooking for this week were a little lofty.. All of my energy was devoted to work and little Lincoln... he went to work with me and let me tell you 11 hour days with a baby were draining. By the time I got home I had NO energy to cook dinner or write a blog post.

Let me tell you though Lincoln was SOOOO well behaved! He still sleeps of a majority of the day so he slept in his new stroller and when I needed to go brief the boss or pack things up he just went with me.

I had purchased a bassinet to keep at work but it was really the stroller that I used the whole time due to the fact that I was in and out of my office the whole time. The BabyZen YoYo+ stroller is AMAZING. 

I didn't think that I needed another stroller with number four but this stroller is GAME CHANGER! 

So compact, easy to maneuver with just one hand, comfy for baby to sleep in the pram, folds up SUPER small, and easy to fold/unfold.

I HIGHLY recommend!!!!

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