Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Home Update

Sad news... we did not get the house that we put the offer on. The Seller had accepted our offer but the bank (after 6 months) came back asking for $100,000 OVER THE ORIGINAL ASKING PRICE. We understand that the people who currently own the property owe more than what they purchased the home for at the peak of the market. However, I don't think that the banks recognize that in the 4 years that the home has been owned the value of the home has GREATLY decreased not only due to the economy but also from lack of upkeep. I wish them luck getting the new asking price. I'm sure that if we were willing to stick this out another year we could get the home in foreclosure but after 6 long months of waiting/disappointment I am just really to walk away... This means that there is a better house out there for us and now we start the wonderful search all over again.

On Friday Matt and I will be looking at two additional homes and fingers are crossed that we will find something that we love as much as the first house... We have decided to stay FAR away from short sale properties and with my search on-line I was able to find two great homes for sale with some LAND.

The first is on .56 acres with 4 beds/3 baths. Our agent says that it is a big but interesting property... I guess we will see what that means.

The second is on .46 acres and is 3 bed/2 bath. A smaller option but a GREAT price and really all the space that we need for the next 5 years most likely... with Matt wanting five kids we would eventually grow out of this one... but would have the space to build if we decide that we like the location. 

I will let you know if we like one!

Photos coming from Michigan shortly!


  1. I'm so sorry, Julie! I fell in love with that house just by looking at the pictures! But like you said, it wasn't meant to be and there's some other house out there waiting for you. Good Luck Friday - can't wait to see, or hear about, the two houses you'll look at then.

    I'll be waiting for the Michigan pictures - I plan to post Chicago and Wisconsin pictures weekend of July 24-25 (after London). Moe

  2. Hey Julie! Sorry to see it didn't happen. As you said, it just wasn't meant to be. Something better is waiting, or like you said maybe in another 6 mos. something will happen. I've seen this scenario played out on HGTV several times. Short sales are unreliable. You will find something, I'm confident. Have fun looking tomorrow! Love from TC, Liz