Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home inspection follow up...

Our realtor says that he likes it when it rains during a home inspection. It allows for you to see how the house handles the water... I'm sure that we can all agree that we do NOT like it when trees fall on our cars during the home inspection...

Matt and our agent were on the screened in porch talking about the rain. Matt was contemplating moving his car up to the driveway because a few small limbs were starting to break off the trees around the house... and CRASH... **insert MULTIPLE bad words here**

This is the view from the driveway... at this point I was thinking that maybe my car was far enough away... The little Silver prius is our agents car (bought TWO weeks ago) the hood and drivers side of the home inspectors van was crushed by the largest part of the tree trunk.

And I turned The corner at the end of the drive ways and found this...

Yes... that little sliver of red through all of those branches is my Escape

And from the Side... After climbing through all of the branches (in my work clothes)

After a lot of cutting we were able to get the cars out... Thanks to the wonderful Fairfax County Fire Department

I should hear from my insurance company today... On a positive note we were able to meet a few of our future neighbors and they were all so kind and helpful.

And in home news... we will be meeting with the seller today to go over a few things.

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  1. dang, glad everyone is safe though, that's pretty scary. glad no one got in to move their car.