Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Inspection Tomorrow!

After 7 LONG months I am so happy to say that we are under contract for this home and scheduled to close on September 17th!

The house is extremely close to where we are currently living and even a little closer to my parents.

The only negative is that Emma will be changing schools for first grade : ( We have LOVED Beech Tree and I'm sad that she is no longer in that school zone. Not only were the teachers amazing but there were such GREAT girls in her class with wonderful parents! Luckily we are still in the area and will be able to have play dates and I've just signed Emma up for fall soccer with the same group of girls from her old school. Ehhh old school... I hate the sound of that!

On a more positive note... we will be doing our home inspections tomorrow! This is going to be a bit of a family affair. Matt and I will both be taking off early to attend the inspection and while Matt is following the certified inspector around my dad and I will be mapping out the house. My dad is an architect and I'm going to put his skills to use and have him draw a "blue print" of the home... I think that this will be helpful for SO many projects that we will be undertaking before moving in. Righ now my mind is focused on purchasing blinds, purchasing living room furniture and planing the layout of all of our new rooms! I LOVE home decorating so this is going ot be a blast!!

I would also love my dad's input/help with the addition that we are considering for the house! This will be a few years down the road but Matt and I have some big plans for the house. It is a place that we can see ourselves in for the long run and I could not be happier!


  1. Thumbs up! Congrats! You are moving along nicely!

  2. I'm landscaping it already!
    Liz :-)