Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend plans

With all of my packing last night I did not get to my weekend menu but for tonight we will be having :

Grilled Chicken w/ Chimichurri Sauce p. 254
Mexican Rice

After work I will run by the grocery store to get my ingredients and also by Home Depot to buy a few more moving boxes. I think that with each visit I am going to by 3 of each of the sizes (Small, Medium, large) and once those are packed up I will make another visit to our nearby Home Depot... this will let me pack everything up in small chunks and not feel overwhelmed by the amount of boxes in my house... At what point did I accumulate so much STUFF???

Also, tonight I want to plan out what we will be eating for the remainder of the weekend. With the exception of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs I would really like to use things that we currently have in the house.


After a yummy breakfast with Emma and Matt I would like to spend an hour going through a few things in the attic. Currently, we have a HUGE attic space and it is used as a catch all and it is completely unorganized!

After my hour of organizing/packing I want to take Emma to University Mall to see Shrek Ever After and we need to do a little back to school shopping / get our back to school haircut.

Of course we will have our usual Saturday night movie night and this will most likely involve a movie about a dog...


I would like to have some pool time and show Matt the new sofa that I would like to get for the house.


Matt and I will be taking off from work and we will be taking Emma to...

She really wants to go to Disney World and we are thinking about taking her next Spring but before we make the commitment I want to see how she will handle Busch Gardens! It should be a GREAT day and  I will be sure to take a ton of photos!

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  1. We took the kids to that one! It's wonderful! We went there twice we like dit so much. Of course I love Williamsburg, VA anyway! Liz