Thursday, February 10, 2011

Christmas Day photos

We had a BLAST ON Christmas day... a few times during the day I got a little bit emotional as I looked around our house. This was our very FIRST Christmas in a home that we OWN and I cannot help but to feel so blessed! There may be things that I complain about in life but when I look around MY home and I see Emma and Matt laughing on the sofa together I truly feel like all is right in my world.

So... about the day... Emma spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with her father. It is so hard for me to not have her wake up in her house on Christmas Day but I know that the special first moments of Christmas mean just as much to him as they do to me.

As soon as Emma got to our house on Christmas Day (around 11:30) Matt took her right upstairs eyes covered and we all got into our personalized red PJs... I know that I'm a dork..

After we were all dressed and ready. Matt brought Emma down while I snapped some photos of her seeing her gifts for the first time.

And what did she see...
A VERY full stocking and the American Girl Doll accessories that she asked Santa for! yay for Santa!

Yes... in the photo below Emma is holding mini crutches and a purple cast for her doll. (Just in case she falls off her horse) Nana and PopPop even got Emma the Wheelchair that she has been asking for... weird I know! When the American Girl Doll Catalog arrived at out house this year Emma circled EVERYTHING!!!

Natalie (the doll) is very stylish in her winter outfit (From Aunt Anne and Uncle Alan) and her sled. Just in case she needs to look something up while sledding Emma packed her laptop... Yes, it is out of control.

Emma had a blast opening all of her gifts and OF COURSE she was a very spoiled little girl!

We are fortunate enough that my parents live close by so they can experience our Christmas Day excitement with us!
Emma made me this beautiful clay pinch pot shaped as a heart! He made it so that I can put my jewelry in it at the end of the day and I currently have it by my bed.

Her gift was wrapped in this VERY special paper that she made.  So Pretty.

Look at the hat that Matt gave me... I will admit it is very warm but I only wear it in the dark...

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