Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I'm aware that it is already February but I blame my tardiness on a Christmas post on all of the wedding stress.

Matt and I closed in moved in on our house three months before Christmas and I knew that I wanted our first year in our fist house to be a special one so Christmaszilla (my nickname from my loving husband) made another appearance this year.

Here are just a few of the decorations for Christmas

The Mantel...
So I failed to take a picture of the full mantle but these few photos show the details separately.

 I used real greenery from Home Depot draped over the wooden mantle and places golden stars and, tea lights, and mini "gifts" that were wrapped in red and hold paper with big gold bows... wondering what is in the box??? Nothing. These are the boxes that a few of my ornaments come in. 

Our stockings were hung by the fire with care... I love these personalized stockings from Pottery Barn Kids which were purchased last year. Just in case you were wondering... Santa does manage to fill that HUGE stocking of Emma's. 

I love to come up with different ways to display our Christmas cards each year, this year I hung navy ribbon from our kitchen window and tied a silver sleigh bell on the ends. Once the ribbons were secure I attached cards with double stick tape. Here is a photo of what the ribbons looked like after adding my first few cards...  I completely failed to take a picture of the ribbons full of cards. You can kind of get the idea though. 

I also thought that it was an interesting new way to decorate with my silver bells. My father has given me the annual Wallace Silver Bell every Christmas Eve since my birth. 2010 marked the last year that he gave me a bell as the responsibility will now become Matt's. 

Next to our fire place (and TV) is this AWESOME Crate and Barrel Cabinet that I will go into more detail about in a future home post... for now let's focus on the decorations. In the above photo it is all set with beverages for our Christmas Dinner. 

Here are a few of our nutcrackers. We have been giving Emma one nutcracker a year since her birth and allow her to pick out her new one each year. 

On the other side of the cabinet we have a little Christmas tree decoration and a gold reindeer. Both purchased from homegoods last year. Mr. Reindeer originally had a friend but he did not make it in the move... The reindeer is placed on two books which are wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper . 

Another decoration that graced our home this holiday is this beautiful gingerbread house that Emma made at school. I was lucky enough to take the day off and join in the fun school holiday festivities. Emma had a blast and I was very happy to be there with her. 
I am ashamed to say however that we STILL have this little milk carton house in our dining room... At what point do graham crackers mold??? Emma does not want to throw it away but I think that I'm just going to have to take charge on this one.

This is Joey... he is Emma's elf and he graces our home between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Joey hides in our house during the day to watch Emma and nightly he flies to the North Pole to give Santa a full report on Emma's behavior. On Christmas Eve Joey decided to hide in the eggnog glasses... silly Joey you know it's not smart to drink and fly...  

Our tree... I wish that I had taken a photo of the tree at night with the lights on...

 Below are a few photos of our dining room table all decked out for Christmas. the plates below were borrowed from my mom... I cannot wait to use our very own china next year!!! 

 Do these tea light holders look familiar??? They were purchased on etsy for my wedding... Photos to come next week. 

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