Thursday, July 7, 2011

Notebook Love

I am going to break my blog silence to share with you all the BEST website that I have found in a while. I stumbled along my new addiction thanks to an IHeart Organizing Post. If you have never visited Jen's site make a point to stop by! She is always full of creative organizing tips and when I grow up I want to be like her...

Can you guess what I instantly fell in love with on her page??? It's the lined notebooks in blue & cream

I am a girl who LOVES to make lists... I might note do everything on that list but I love to make them! AND the notebooks are only $7.95! It took all of my restraint to not place them in my Shopping Cart. Well that is a lie I did place them in my cart along with all of the other items below from See Jane Work.

It took all of my restraint not to press BUY! The reason that I didn't is because I have a goal for July to not buy ANYTHING new and Matt and I are only going to eat at home this month... We are in major money saving mode after our honeymoon.

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  1. So if I give you a pencil sharpener you will be very happy!!