Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sitting in the Jefferson!

I have to say that I was surprisingly calm on my wedding day. With being an event planner and having the desire to make EVERYTHING perfect I was shocked to have the feeling that at this point nothing else really mattered. At the end of the day I was going to marry Matt and who cares about the rest...
At 11:00 a.m. my AMAZING hair dresser Jessica arrived! Jessica Dunaway from the Ted Gibson Salon and an assistant came and spent the day with us in my bridal suite. She did our hair and my makeup. I think that she did a fabulous job and I plan to use her in the future for other events!

We had a full house and had a blast. It was so great not having to leave the room all day and having everything just come to us.

The little girls (Emma and Claire) got their hair done first while the big girls (Me, Holly, Kim, and Anne) set around sipping champagne with our hair in curlers... Looking back on the experience I would give other brides the following advise... Children need to get their hair done last! It is unrealistic to expect a child to sit in a hotel room for 4-5 hours and not get their hair messed up! The girls were running EVERYWHERE and we even caught them jumping on the bed a few times! Needless to say, their hair was redone right before leaving for the church.

Yummy food for the girls adn the rest of us had yummy salads from SweetGreen!

Trying to watch a movie...
And the hair comes tumbling down

Make-up time
With Emma... All ready to go

With my two girls

Holly Practicing for her Maid of Honor speech

Mrs. Park

Mom getting her make-up done

I think it is fruit snack time

Sorry this post was late a day... I will also add some photos from our photographer tonight and I will include some of Matt getting ready.

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  1. Julie these are so precious! What great memories! You all look so beautiful!