Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The day before the rest of my life!

The day before the wedding my wonderful Maid of Honor arrived at our house bags packed and ready for some fun! My goal for the day was to relax and not have a care in the world and I can say that for the most part I was successful in my mission.

We PACKED my car up... it was so full that I was worried that Emma wouldn't fit! Emma and Holly both ended up with full laps and I ended up with a branch poking at my head... The contents of my vehicle were as follows:
  • Birch Logs from Michigan that were cut to hold place cards
  • Kids area bin (DVD Player, DVDs, Games, Craft Items, Center Pieces, Candy, etc)
  • Restroom Bins (filled with goodies for the restrooms at the reception venue)
  • Photo frames... will go into more detail on this later
  • Personalized Menu cards, Post cards and other paper products
  • Mailbox
  • My luggage (rolling bag and hanging bag with all of the clothes/shoes that Emma and I would need for the weekend)
  • Holly's Luggage
  • Magazines, Champagne, and snacks for the Bridal Suite
  • Church Bin (Filled with programs, unity candles, my Grandmother's Bible, etc)
One additional item in my vehicle was this super cute coffee cup that Holly brought over!

It was even already filled with coffee because Holly knew that I would need some caffeine to make it through our VERY BUSY day!

Once we were all packed up we headed to meet the rest for the girls at Vicky's Nail Salon in Georgetown for our 10 a.m. appointment. We had an appointment for 10 girls to get manicures and pedicures. Our appointment had a few hiccups...  like not enough staff to handle our large group even though we had called twice before hand to make sure that they had our appointment correct... It was a fun time though! Our darling flower girls (Emma and Claire) also had their toenails and fingernails painted and were a huge part of our day!

Here are a few of the photos from Vicky's...

After Vicky's we headed over to The Jefferson Hotel to check into my bridal suite and to QUICKLY change before the bridesmaid luncheon! We were running a bit behind schedule at this point... but I am happy to report that I remained calm and collected. My mom is a whole different story however... she was freaking out! 

We had a WONDERFUL lunch in the wine room at the hotel.
During the lunch I spoke about each of the ladies in attendance and their importance in my life. I feel so blessed to have such strong women in my life!

I also took this time to give some gifts to my bridal party. The girls all got personalized bridesmaid shirts "Bridesmaid" was in navy and the girls names were in purple (our colors) These SUPER cute shirts were from The Wedding Chics blog 

Navy Jumpsuits from GAP in Navy, bags from Jessica McClintock and jewelry from Stella & Dot

After the luncheon my Grandmother came up to the Bridal Suite to give me her wedding gift. She game me some of her famous hand knit dish cloths and her silver.

After gifts were opened we RUSHED over to the reception venue to deliver all of the good from my car and to instruct where items were to be placed... I think that this is probably when my brother, Alan, first realized how particular I am when it comes to event planning...

After Set up it was back to the hotel to change AGAIN and head over to the church for our wedding rehearsal! Here are some photos from the rehearsal.

My bridesmaid Laura (oldest friend) and her boyfriend

With my Dad! Taking a little walk...
Alan (my Brother) and my Dad
Holly (Maid of Honor) and Kim (Bridesmaid/Twin)
Us with the wedding coordinator... not a fan...

Moms practicing the reading

With my bow bouquet

With My Holly
Silly Girls

GREAT photo with Emma!


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