Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2nd shower

Here are some photos from my second shower! This shower was hosted by two lovely ladies that I met though my parents’ church but they actually became a huge part of my life when I worked at The Vice President's Residence and they were volunteers. I worked closely with Diane and Sandie for 3 years and there were many holiday parties that would not have been so successful if it had not been for wonderful volunteers like them!

Diane also encouraged me to go out with Matt for the first time and her wonderful husband Kevin actually assisted in getting Matt his current position! So they have truly had a hand in helping shape our current married status!

I was so excited when I received this adorable invitation in the mail!

I just knew that these two women (with their wonderful sense of style) were going to truly make this a memorable event and they did not upset! They flew a chef friend in for the event and she made some truly YUMMY food and she even organized a sushi making lesson! It was so much fun to learn about all of the different types of sushi and to make it for ourselves! One large take away was that Emma LOVES sushi and since the shower we have taken her out to a few sushi restaurants!

Here are a few pictures of the yummy food... I unfortunately did not get any of the sushi demonstration

After eating and before opening gifts I read out loud some "advice" that all of the ladies in attendance had for me and they all seemed to revolve around the same theme... to go on a honeymoon as just a couple and to take a few days apart to just focus on our new union... I am happy to report that we have decided to take their advice. We are planning to take a non-Disney related adults only honeymoon! More on that later...

Here are a few additional photos from the shower...

Opening Emma's gift

With Diane and Sandie

Diane and Sandie also had these cookies made to match the invitations! Emma was a fan!

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