Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 13 Update

Happy Monday all! Mondays mean that I get to cross off another week in the baby countdown! This week is especially important because it marks the start of my second trimester!!!

Here is the 13 week belly photo... I skipped on week 12 because Matt was in Colorado on vacation skiing with my family.

I feel like my belly has stayed the same size though in the last two weeks so no big changes.

On Thursday I went for my 1st Trimester Genetics Screening which included a blood test and an ultrasound. Matt was unable to go with me so he missed out on hearing the heartbeat for the first time! Such a bummer that he was unable to come with me but it was such a joy to hear the wonderful sound!

The 1st Trimester Genetics Screening is to look for indicators of Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 or Trisomy 13. I am happy to report that there were NO indications of Baby Park having any type of genetic disorders. In fact we had the best possible results (1 in 10,000) YAY... we never had any real concerns that there was a problem except of my crazy pregnancy brain which makes me focus on the oddest things and obsess over them... Like being convinced that Emma would be a "little person" after watching an episode of Oprah... true story!

I was going to have a regular check up on 22 March with my OB but just rescheduled for the following Monday so that Matt can join me.. It makes me so happy that he wants to be so involved in this process! I know that he just wants the opportunity to hear that wonderful heartbeat so I was happy to reschedule.

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