Friday, December 26, 2014

Gibson at 9 Months

We are officially 3/4 of the way through our first year! Gibson turned 9 months yesterday on Christmas and he was a sick little guy.

At 9 months

  • Gibson is loving solid foods and becomes more adventurous each day.
  • Can army crawl/inch worm right along. He loves to go into the dining room to look at his reflection in the sliding door 
  • Can transition from the army crawl to a seated possition 
  • Had his first Christmas and first visits to see Santa 
  • Has really started interacting with his siblings... typically involves Gibson picking up a toy and Hunter deciding that he wants the same toy.
  • Loved to crawl under the Christmas tree
  • Gained a little bit of weight! Not as much as we would have liked probably because he wasn't feeling so well this month. We continue going to doctor appointments and are testing for a few different things.
  • Now has 3 teeth. His two lower teeth came through in his 8th month but his top right tooth popped through just a few days ago. 
  • Is exclusively on the bottle. This is a sad one for mommy as I was not ready to give up breastfeeding but we needed to have accurate calculations of his daily intake. I've tried to put him back on to feed a few times in the last month and Gibson was NOT having it. I'm still pumping so he is getting about half mommy and half formula. 

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