Friday, December 26, 2014

Stitch Fix #8

A few days before Christmas I received my monthly Stitch Fix and it felt like Christmas had come early when I spied that box on my doorstep!

I LOVE that I had the same stylist as my last box.Hannah was GREAT and her note made me know right away that she had put a lot of thought into my box.

Here are the details on the items in the box

Tulle- Oceane Chevron Print Hooded Jacket - $88

I liked the print and outside material of the jacket but the inside was an odd plastic like material that felt cold and made a swishing sound. I figured that it would be SUPER cold to wear outside because of that liner. I would have also liked for it to be a little bit longer. It hit at an unflattering break point and makes my upper half look bigger.

Look by M- Shannon Plaid Infinity Scarf- $32

My last box, that I didn't blog about, had a black plain Infinity Scarf and I mentioned to my stylist that I had been looking for something with a bit more color and that I had been loving all of the plaid scarfs on pinterest these days... She even noted my request in her letter which made me really feel like Hannah was working hard to make a great box for me.

LA MADE- Ida 3/4 Sleeve Striped Shirt Dress- $98

I was not a fan of the shirt dress. It is a trend that I'm just not into. The fabric and pattern also felt super summery to me and I just couldn't embrace it ...

Moss Jang- Liana Cowl Neck Top- $38
Renee C- Milisa Mixed Geo Print Pencil Shirt- $48

I loved the pattern in the skirt HOWEVER it was that VERY curve hugging spandex/cotton material that was super tight on my skin and I would never be able to wear it to work let alone eat something in it and home girl loves her food!

The top was an odd cut. The biggest thing that threw me of was the bias cut along the bottom which you can see in the last photo. Not a huge fan.

Here is the breakdown...

Scarf: $32 
Shirt Dress: $98
Chevron Jacket: $88
Geo Pencil Skirt: $48

Cowl Neck Black top: $38
TOTAL: $304

If I were to buy everything I get a 25% discount. So with the discount and minus the $20 styling fee my total would be $213

I ended up just keeping the scarf and while it wasn't EXACTLY what I wanted I didn't want to forfeit that $20 styling fee... so I ended up forking over another $12 for it :-) 

The biggest thing that I'm happy about is that I had the same stylist! Excited to see what will come in the next Stitch Fix Box  

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