Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kitchen: BEFORE

Today will be the kick-off for our kitchen "refresh" and I am SOOO excited. Here is a look at what the kitchen currently looks like:

Lots of pink and tan... I'm so excited to say goodbye to the tan walls and pink counters....

but most of all I cannot wait to get rid of the cracked sink that started it all!

Today this cabinet will be going byebye...  so that the counter can be updated when the granite team comes tomorrow morning.

The plan is to tile the entire wall and install chunky wooden shelves.

Oh and I bet that you are wondering what I settled on for the counter and back-splash after posting this poll on the blog... I went with the Herringbone Marble. More specifically we purchased this Bergamo Herringbone from Home Depot

I'm slightly obsessed with it and think that it pairs perfectly with the white cabinets and the soon to be black counters.

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