Thursday, December 24, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Tour

It is Christmas Eve... The boys are napping, Gifts are wrapped, and cookies are baked for Santa. Our Cards aren't in the mail but that is okay because they are New Years cards!!! I planed my procrastination in advance... actually I'm just realistic.

So with all my free time I wanted to take the chance to share all of my Christmas decorations.

I'm obsessed with my new reindeer pillows 

And this hurricane candle holder from target that I bought on super clearance. I  plan to incorporate it into our everyday decor.

The Nativity that my Grandmother painted has such a special place in my heart and Emma and I love unwrapping each piece and finding just the right spot for each one.  

And THIS TREE that my hubby bought this year. LOVE LOVE LOVE I want to keep it up all year long. 

If it didn't have the fake snow on it I would seriously try to justify having it up all year long. 

Emma loves picking out a new nutcracker each year. 

My silver tree in the dining room

Every year I get one of these silver sleigh bells

The Dining room table.. .not 100% complete as there are no plates and candles in the birch holders


Basement hallway

Basement, kids, Christmas tree... 

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