Sunday, October 23, 2016

Favorite Things

It isn’t Friday but I wanted to share a few things that I, personally, find joy in at the moment:

  1. Golden Nugget Necklace: This first item isn’t something that you can buy at a store but I still wanted to share it with you…

    The necklace is a simple, understated, gold nugget on a small gold chain but the true value is that it was a recent gift from my Grandmother and was given when we went to Indiana to celebrate her 96th Birthday! The nugget on the necklace was made from my Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s class rings melted down! How neat is that? I’ve been wearing it almost every day and I love it when people ask about the piece! It allows for me to talk about what amazing people she and my grandfather are/were. 
    This is a one of a kind piece but I think that it would be easy to have something, like this, made from old jewelry OR you can truly copy their genius and melt down a piece of handed down jewelry that might not be your style to make into something that is truly special and unique 
  2. This is Us: If you haven’t seen this new show on NBC you need to watch it! I’ve cried during almost every episode and I don’t think it is due to just my pregnancy hormones. The real relationships and struggles within the drama are captivating and each week I look forward to seeing the story develop. 
  3. PODCASTS! I’m a little late to this trend but I’ve recently started listening to podcasts on a regular basis… In the past I had listened to Serial but that was really it. Now when I get into the car, and I’m alone, the radio is off and I’m typically listening to Young House Love has a Podcast, Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing, or The Event Planners Podcast. No matter what your interests there is guaranteed to be a podcast available! 

  4. SNOOGLE: To say that I love my Snoogle is an understatement. This bad boy goes EVERYWHERE with me and is the most comfortable thing ever. I even recommend this pillow for non-pregnant friends. 

  5. SIMPLE: The Easiest Cookbook in the World: This cookbook is changing my life!!! What are two items that we could always use more of…Money and Time and this cookbook helps me to save both of those things. Every recipe uses FOUR Steps, or less, and just SIX ingredients, or less! I mean come on AND the author is a famous French chef so you’re cooking up things like Thai-Basil Beef. Saffron Risotto, and Mozzarella and Fig Skewers! Matt always gets so upset when I get excited about a recipe that has 15+ ingredients because all he sees are the dollar signs… so he is a fan of this book as well. HUGE thank you to the dear friend that gifted it to me!

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