Friday, July 10, 2009

For the love of Avocados

Last night I made Baked Halibut w/ Orzo, Spinach & Cherry Tomatoes (p.319). From start to finish this dish literally took only 15 minutes!

As Matt suggested next time I would brown the Halibut on the stove first so that it would add a little texture and crispiness to the bottom of the fish. I will admit that this was my first time cooking halibut and I think that it was a success. I added some avocado to the top to give the dish some visual appeal and because I simply love avocado and would eat it every day!

Early on in our relationship Matt and I were watching TV and on the show a husband planted his wife an avocado tree in their backyard because of the girls love for avocados. Matt said that one day he would plant me an avocado tree in our back yard and I stated that I didn’t like avocados but that he could still plant me the tree to show that he cared…. Oh how things change in the course of two years. I now LOVE avocados and I even found Matt looking up how to plant a tree one night. I am confident that if you come and visit us years from now you will find an avocado tree in our back yard (or at least the attempts of one). Due to the climate in the Northern Virginia area I by no means think that our tree will thrive but it is still something that I would love to try one day. I plan to hold him to the avocado tree promise!

I am so excited that it is FRIDAY!!! I admit that I am a total loser that finds great comfort in planning and organizing. I would even say that I thrive off of planning. After dinner is done, Emma is in bed and the dishes are started I will to sit down at my dining room table and with THE cookbook and determine which dishes I will be cooking next week. I will create a massive grocery list (our grocery expenses have gone up since starting the project) and I will spend an hour with the grocery store circulars and my coupons determining which store I will purchase various items at in order to get the best deals. Yes I have turned into that person… the one you see with the full cart and a mound of coupons who goes up and down each isle or visits 2-3 grocery stores a week. I know that these actions make me a huge dork but I typically save over $50 a week with my savvy shopping style.

479 to go!

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