Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Magnificent Mexican

I really like this blog thing and I will tell you why… after working all day, going to the wedding venue walk through, picking up a rotisserie chicken, and getting Emma from my parents I pulled up to my house and THE LAWN WAS MOWED! Thank you Matt!

Once I got home I started dinner immediately. The Layered Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa (p.264) was the perfect dish for a busy night. The fact that the recipe utilized the rotisserie chicken really cut down on cook time and effort. Prep time was about 10 minutes to layer flour tortillas (recipe called for corn but I like flour better) shredded chicken, Mexican/mozzarella cheese, and an enchilada sauce. The enchilada sauce was made out of salsa, green onions, and cilantro thrown into a food processer and took no time at all. After only 20 minutes in the oven we were ready to eat!

The 20 minutes cook time gave me a chance to read to Emma and whip up some fresh guacamole. As an FYI… we are totally a guacamole family and Emma and I even eat avocadoes plain as a snack. This is thanks to a fateful lunch with my Mem-Rel girls at Rosa Mexicano where I fell in love with their tableside guacamole. Also thanks to the same girls I’m no longer able to stomach guacamole and margaritas together… but that is a different story.

So, only 30 minutes after I walked in the door we were sitting down to eat a great/easy mexican meal. The Layered Chicken Enchiladas were so good that Matt even made the comment that “it looked like it took a lot of effort.” It makes me happy to say that it do not take any! What truly makes the dinner a success however was that Emma also loved the dish!

Needless to say we will be making this one again and I would recommend it to anyone!

Tonight I will be running by Giant to pick up some shrimp, taking Emma to the pool, and making dinner once Matt is on his way home. The menu for tonight is:

- Tangy Avocado-Orange Salad p. 126
- Grilled Shrimp w/ Pineapple Salsa p. 343

497 recipes to go!

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  1. I like this idea! Sounds like this is a labor of love for you. Keep up the good work. I think I might just have to try some of these recipes myself. I'll be checking back in, definetly.