Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bathroom Closet Clean Out!!

A few weeks ago, while walking through Homegoods, I spotted two packages of drawer liner paper that were on sale!
I fell in love with the light blue background and colorful paisley print and suddenly felt motivated to tackle a project that I have previously been dreading… the Bathroom Closet Clean out!!!
With my new project in mind I grabbed some small baskets (in brown and pink) and a couple glass containers before I checked out with my adorable paisley liners. I Departed Homegoods with a vision in my head… I didn’t know how to properly achieve my vision but instead of going home first and researching how to properly apply drawer liner in a bathroom environment I headed over to an office supply store for some heavy duty spray adhesive. Thanks to my hard work at the RNC I was sure that this studd woudl do the trick.
I was too ashamed of what it looked like before so I cleaned everything out before taking this "before" photo
As you can see we needed to do away with the hideous and disgusting pink shelf liner.
The process with fairly easy… I just sprayed the shelf and/or paper and stuck it down. I had to cut down a few pieces to properly cover all surfaces and was extremely happy with my finished product.
In terms of organization...
I decided that all medications and other items used by all in the family would be best stored in small plastic “shoe box” containers with labels to clearly display their contents. The containers were organized into the following categories:
- First Aid
- Sunscreen
- Cold/Flu Medication
- Pain/Fever Medication
- Allergy/Sinus Medication
- Extra Dental Supplies
- Nail Polish
- Extra Hair Care products
- Misc

I also designated shelves for Matt, Emma and myself.
In the bottom of the closet I put all cleaning supplies in a large plastic bin and clean towels in a great green basket.
I love that everything has a designated spot now in our bathroom!

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