Thursday, May 20, 2010

I’m on my way…

Yesterday I posted my list of thirty things that I would like to accomplish/experience before I turn thirty. Number 17 is to take a Dance/ Hip hop lessen. By coincidence my best friend Holly e-mailed me yesterday about a Summer Hip Hop Cardio class that she had signed up for. This morning I immediately went on the website and signed up.

The classes will be on Thursdays from June 7th – August 15th at Born 2 Dance in Vienna. At first I was a bit worried about signing up for a summer class because I’m guaranteed to miss a few sessions due to vacations. However, their website put me at ease because they allow you to make up for a missed session any time before the August 15th end date. Another neat thing is that I am able to make up the class with one of the following other classes:

Exotic Dance
Break Dance
Workout classes (i.e. Belly Dance Workout, Salsa Aerobics, Bollywood Workout, etc.)

I’m really looking forward to trying something new and the best part is that I’m doing it with Holly… Guaranteed girl time each week!

Do you think that an appearance on my FAVORITE show could be in my future…

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