Friday, May 28, 2010

A Lazy weekend…

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!!

I’m beyond excited for this three day weekend. Emma will be at her dad’s for three days and Matt and I are planning a lazy weekend. Here are a few things that I’m looking forward to this weekend …

Tonight (Friday)
- Grilling salmon and sitting outside with a good glass of wine.
- Being a horrible girlfriend and making Matt watch Dear John with me
- Sleeping in
- Purchasing Tomato plants and planting them
- Bike riding with Matt and possibly doing the Mt. Vernon Trail that goes to the Theodore Roosevelt Island.
- At the conclusion of the bike ride I would like to so the Mount Vernon Sunset Celebration. This is a special night where Mount Vernon is open to the public after hours so that visitors can walk through the grounds and see the sun set. The Special evening tour includes wine, dessert and 18th century music.
-Sleeping in and making a HUGE yummy bacon filled breakfast!!!
-Laying out in the sun
- An afternoon movie… Maybe Iron Man 2… to make up for the Friday night chick flick
- MAYBE… the National Memorial Day concert on the Mall…
- Going out on a boat with a few of Matt’s co workers
- Seeing Emma!!!

Have a great THREE DAY WEEKEND!! See you on Tuesday!

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