Tuesday, June 15, 2010

home love... purchasing hate

So I have a lot of home purchasing frustration!!! In early February Matt and I had a contract accepted, by the sellers, for a short sale on the BEAUTIFUL home.

Matt and I both fell in love with not only the home but also the neighborhood. There are multiple homes on our street with children Emma's age and the school are great. This isa home that we see ourselves staying in for many many years. There are multiple projects that we are looking forward to tackling so that we can make this home truly ours.

If it is not clear yet... I've become emotionally involved. I know that with short sales it is recommended that buyers not become so attached to a property but how could I not??? It's been about six months since we first found the house and each and every day I come up with new ideas for things that I want to do to the house. I see furniture magazines and home blogs in a whole new light. These are now things that I'm constantly getting inspiration from and picturing in "my home." I know it is not mine yet and I know that there is a very good chance that we will not get it but my fingers are crossed and I would be so truly happy and feel so blessed to be able to walk through those doors one day and call the place ours.

With all the gushing aside I get to the frustrating part... the waiting, the unknown, and the lack of response from our realtor. Our guy has a great personality however as each day goes by I cannot help but think that he isn't following through with the bank the way that he should... I mean I feel we should've heard SOMETHING by now?? Also, I have MAJOR beef with him this week because Matt e-mailed him early that we and we have heard not a word in response...

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  1. ask the realtor if he's utilizing a short sale expert - it's basically someone whose sole job it is to hound the bank constantly so that the bank will become more responsive. it will cost your realtor about $1500 out of his pocket, but if he;s a good realtor, he will pay for it :P Neil - who is a realtor too - just closed his first short sale listing in ONE MONTH. they listed the house at 585k, they got a full price offer, the bank nixed it and demanded they raise the asking price to 630k. neil thought it would never work, but he paid for an awesome short sale specialist. not only did they get another full price for the new price, the short sale expert got the bank to respond VERY quickly, and got the realtors paid a full commission (so....not only would it benefit you, it would benefit him too :P). NOW, i will say this: neil was dealing with only one bank. if there are 2 or 3 banks involved, the time needed can grow exponentially. BUT - there is NO excuse for your realtor being unresponsive :P neil is glued to his blackberry, and his biggest pet peeve is realtors who take forever to respond, whether it's to clients or to colleagues :P i hope everything works out and that you guys get the house!!! fingers crossed!!!