Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mem Rel Ladies

So tonight I will be going out to dinner with some former co-workers. Co-workers however does not seen a fitting title… These girls are friends and GREAT ones at that!

While I LOVE the work that I do in my current job (Minus a few conflicting personalities/beliefs in work ethic) there is something very lacking in my current office environment… OTHER WOMEN!!! I miss the days of comparing clothing wish lists, shoe shopping on-line, eating cupcakes, lunches of guacamole and queso, dissecting boxes of GODIVA chocolate and gossiping. Now if I were to walk into work and talk about a pair of great Michael Kors shoes I would be looked at like a CRAZY person. Work conversations now revolve around defense items and fighter jets.

Often times I find myself missing my girls and feel lucky that we manage to get together frequently. Tricia and Tory are two of the best people to work with and just great people in general!! They will forever be my Mem-Rel chicas!!

Side note… I also miss my friend with Fruit Snack Benefits.

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