Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Do List Before Baby Park

So... as the weeks count down and my belly grows my to-do list that is also rapidly growing!

I know that I should take a step back and prioritize.. but for now I'm just lumping everything in on this one post.

1. Paint interior doors (Matt replaced our upper level doors months ago but they are still not pretty and white to match our trim)

2. Furnish lower level living/play room... currently a huge open space. Matt thinks that this is a completely unnecessary project to tackle before baby but I'm keeping it on here.

3. BABY PARK'S room! Cannot do much with this until after April 27th!

4. Complete Emma's Loft bed. We promised Emma a loft bed when we moved houses OVER a year ago. This is something that Matt will be working on BEFORE we do the baby room... Looks like we have a trip to Home Depot in the near future!

5. Remodel our main bathroom. Close to a year ago we purchased a new vanity and I have all of the finishes picked out... just need to execute!

6. Get architectural drawings and consult a landscape architect for our entry way/ front yard project... More to come on the plans that we have for the front of our house. We will not start this project before baby but I would at least like to get the ball rolling!

7. Get a new washer and dryer. Time to get with the program and get some front loaders! I would also like to have one with a special sanitation cycle which will be helpful when we try out cloth diapering (more on this later).

8. Learn to sew! I got an amazing over the top sewing machine for Christmas and am sad to say that it is still in the box. There are no many projects that I would like to get started once we deterime the gender of Baby Park... but I should probably go ahead and learn how to use the thing... and take it out of the box.  

Again the above are in no specific order... just things that pop into my mind as I sit here typing.

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