Friday, April 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge!

So I finally broke down... I am joining Pinterest. I have been extremely hesitant to join Pinterst and not due to a belief that it is stupid or a waste of time... it is in fact the opposite! I knew that I would be hooked! I knew that within a matter of minutes I would be a crazy person with 100 things pinned and that I would never be able to pull myself away! I also had the fear that I would pin so many items that I would feel overwhelmed and never actually do something with them.

WELLLLLLL... I have a solution. I will keep my boards limited to the following categories:
  • Home
  • Baby
  • Emma
  • Yummy Food!
  • Parties
Also, to stay motivated to actually DO and not just pin... I am imposing a Pinterest Challenge that I will do with my co-worker Christina. Every Friday we are going to have to show that we have accomplished one thing due to inspiration from an item that we have pinned. This could be as simple as cooking a recipe or even a craft project that takes weeks...

Another goal is to actually blog about my weekly item. We will see how successful that is... as you all know I'm not that great when it comes to posting regularly on here.

For my first week I will be working on a few items for Emma's 8th birthday party. Here is a sneak peak at an image that I will be getting inspiration from!

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